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Whether it's face to face or online. I can help you speak English.


90 minutes a week.


Or we complete it in one week. it's up to you.


In todays business world, communication is everything.

Ways to learn

In your office or online

Full schedule

These course can be taken both in your company (if you're based in the Essen area) or online, then it doesn't matter where you are.

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Other Programs

These are mostly in-house, weekly courses, designed for companies

General English

For people that would like to become more comfortable, speaking English. Also available online.

Business English
A1 and above

Long-term open-ended course. No fixed curriculum. Also available online

Special Themes
Advanced English

Meeting, Presentation or Negotiating. Whatever you need.

Normally at least B2 Level

Totaly flexible content. Energy, engineering electronics. Whatever your company needs.

Price table

So, what do you get for your money?
All the prices quoted below are for one 45 minute slot.



The Language of Emails

This part of the course covers language used in everyday emails to help build and nurture relations with business partners while also achieving your goals.

Speaking on the Telephone.

Speaking English on the telephone is difficult for learners for many reasons and even upper-level students often feel uncomfortable with the unpredictability of telephone conversations.

Speaking to visitors

It's sometimes necessary to welcome people to your company. I'll show you how. Small talk is a very important part of building business relationships.


At the company


Technical English

This course is transparent and straghtforward with a practical task-based approach.

Engineers and Technicians

This course is for employees in training or at work. It covers the core language skills engineers and technicians need to communicate successfully in all technical and industrial specialisations.

Four Levels

From A1 up to and including C1. Level 1 is for students with a basic knowledge of English. Level 2 is elementary level. Level 3 is the level I normally teach. The fourth level is a continuation of Level 3.

All of the above courses have also been successfully carried out online.

If you or your company are interested in one or more of these courses, just contact me.

Maybe you just need to speak English, with a native speaker!. No problem. Just book a free lesson below, and let's get started.

I've worked together with:

E.on, A.on, RWE, Evonik, Siemens, TÜV Nord, T-Systems, Messe Essen, Gagfah

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